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Shot Blasting Systems

What is manual blasting room & system?
Blasting is the process of using compressed air to propel abrasive (shots/grits) media at a surface to clean or to prepare a surface for painting or powder coating. The abrasive media can be steel shots, steel grits, granules of silicon carbide, etc of various shapes. Normally this is done to remove contaminants like paint & rust on the surface, but it is also done sometimes to impart a particular surface to the object being abrasives blasted, such as the rolls used to make a 2D finish. The Blasting equipment throws the abrasive media in the pressure pot with compressed air through the blasting nozzle.
Blasting system consist of the following equipments;
1. Blasting room/Chamber.
2. Blasting machine imported from Clemco Germany and Operator safety equipments while blasting imported from Clemco Germany.
3. Grit/ recycling system.
4. Dust extraction system.

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For Custom Design Plants Please Visit www.prismsurface.com