For Custom Design Plants Please Visit www.prismsurface.com


Who should I contact for an offer/quotation when I have a requirement?
Please see our website for the complete product details and fill in the details at the “SEND ENQUIRY” section..

Who will do the installation for the entire product range of Prism mentioned in this website?
Installation will be done by our country wide partners. Prism Group country wide partners are all certified and well trained to install the entire range of products.

Who will answer my technical queries?
All technical queries will be answered by our worldwide partners or you can write to us directly at info@prismpaintfinishingsystems.com

Where are the products manufactured and shipped from?
All products are manufactured and shipped from Prism's state of the art factory in Bangalore,India. Some products are assembled, tested in Germany & USA before shipment. This is to give our customers a synergy of good German engineering and Indian manufactured costs.

What is the duration of Warranty for products?
All of Prism group products will have a worldwide warranty for 2 years from the date of shipment.

Whom should I contact for Spare Parts and after sales service?
For any spare parts or after sales service we will ensure your satisfaction by offering the right service either directly or through our worldwide partners or you can contact Prism Group directly at info@prismpaintfinishingsystems.com

Whom should I place the order on?
Orders can be placed on our local partners or on Prism India.

Am I assured of quality?
Prism group has excellent manufacturing facilities and the latest software for design. We also have a quality control team to make sure our customers receive products which perform towards global standards.

Can Prism group export its products to countries where there are no worldwide partners?
Yes Prism group can export all of its products to the country of your choice even if there are no worldwide partners. Please use the SEND ENQUIRY form in our website to fill in your details or write to us directly at info@prismpaintfinishingsystems.com

Can I come and see the product before buying?
Yes you are welcome to visit our facility in Bangalore to feel and see the product and once you are completely satisfied you can place an order.

Is there a money back guarantee?
You can pay the advance and place an order on Prism Group. Before shipping the products from our factory,customers can visit and inspect our product,if you are not satisfied we promise a 100% MONEY BACK GURANTEE.

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For Custom Design Plants Please Visit www.prismsurface.com